Parent/Coach Communication Policy

Waterford Athletics

Participation in extracurricular activities directly correlates with successful middle and high school experiences. By providing an ample variety of growth opportunities, Waterford Public Schools offers an extracurricular environment which paves the way for a lifetime of success. Student-athletes choosing to participate within extracurricular sports, through the Waterford Public Schools Athletic Program, will have a positive, high-quality experience, which complements their academic endeavors within Waterford Public Schools.

Parent / Coach Relationship

As a parent whose son or daughter is involved in the Waterford Public Schools Athletic Program, understanding each program’s participation expectations is essential to the program’s ongoing development and continued success.  Working together, parents and coaches are better able to ensure each student-athlete will benefit from the athletic program. This begins with clear communication from each team’s coach.

Communication Expectations From Coaches to Parents

1.  Articulation of their philosophy and the corresponding program

2.  Establishment of clear expectations for all student-athletes involved in the program, including:

  • Team requirements and rules
  • Disciplinary actions that may result in dismissal or suspension

3.  Dissemination of locations and times of practice sessions and contests 

From Parents to Coaches

1.  Articulation of team-based or individual concerns expressed directly to the coach

2.  Notification, well in advance, of any schedule conflicts

When a student-athlete becomes involved in a program offered by Waterford Public Schools, their experiences will include many rewarding moments. It is important to note there may be times when the outcome of the situation does not coincide with parents’ or student-athletes’ point of view. If this occurs, discussion regarding the issue by the student-athlete with the coach is encouraged. 

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